Out of Chaos
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Out of Chaos

Design and identity for ‘Out of Chaos’ at Somerset House in collaboration with Studio Eger.

The exhibition explores a century of migrant history in London through the hidden treasures of the Ben Uri Collections.

The concept draws inspiration from construtivist graphics. The migration lines in the logo change across the applications.

Bobbin Bicycles
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Bobbin Bicycles

Bobbin was founded by husband and wife team Tom and Sian in London in 2007. They have pioneered a new lifestyle approach to cycling. Bobbin products are sold through a growing network of retailers in the UK, Europe and beyond.

The word ‘Bobbin’ is their own expression: meaning to cycle around for fun, to re-capture the feeling of your first bike ride.

AW Projects was commissioned to rebrand Bobbin. The scope of the work was realised from concept through to a diverse range of platforms and applications. Some of which are
shown here.

The work included a range of specially drawn illustrations and graphic motifs to bring to life the Bobbin story and brand in a simple, heartwarming way.

We are also currently working on a dynamic, socially integrated website with Bobbin to be launched in 2016.

VG&P Collection Catalogue 2015
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VG&P Collection Catalogue 2015

Very Good & Proper (VG&P) design and manufacture carefully considered, practical and beautiful products – products built to last using quality materials and craftsmanship.

In collaboration with Studio Eger we were commissioned to design the VG&P 2015 product catalogue to accompany them at NYCxDESIGN (New York), Clerkenwell Design Week (London) and London Design Festival.

Man Overboard Exhibition and Publication Design
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Man Overboard Exhibition and Publication Design

UCA (Epsom) BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduate Show

As Creative Director, I designed and project managed the 2014 Graduate Graphics Show, collaborating with an excellent team of final year students.
Elements included curation of the show, art direction of the branding, design of the exhibition, publication and website.
It opened at UCA Epsom and then traveled to Blackhall Studios in London.

'Man Overboard' took the theme
of being lost at sea. The exhibition
and publication use abstract images
of water combined with graphic saving devices. Designed by students for future students, the book captures the culture, process and working practices of the course. It reveals a ship's log of events that occurred during the students' time of study. The publication works both as a show catalogue and student recruitment "calling card".

Aspects of the book were then translated into the design of the exhibition space, signage and
curation of the show.

The exhibition revealed the process, thinking and thought behind the students' work, and was not simply
a showcase for the finished products.
A reading table encouraged viewers to stop and engage with the students' work. Accompanying films of the students talking about their work,
gave the work context and revealed the process of making.

The publication was featured here: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/degree-shows-2014

Sony Music: Employee Welcome Pack
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Sony Music: Employee Welcome Pack

Concept / Design / Photography / Map Visualization

Box includes:
01 / A Visual Introduction to Sony Music
Collection of music promos and artist's stories (DVD)

02 / It Began in 1887
16pp booklet that includes a short history of Sony Music and a visual timeline of record sleeves

03 / Welcome to Derry Street
28pp Booklet explaining the rules and regulations with photographs of the workspace

04 / Working With Us
Fold out map of the music industry

05 / MAP: Sony Music Derry Street
Bespoke drawn map to guide new employees around the building, record labels and where to find a sandwich

University for the Creative Arts: Thursday Night Lecture Series
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University for the Creative Arts: Thursday Night Lecture Series

Curation and Design of a Thursday night
lecture programme for students at UCA Epsom.

'Unexpected Territories' considered seven contemporary practitioners and how the fluidity of contemporary culture has affected their methods and enabled them to explore or expand into new territories. For example: a trained graphic designer is now working as an artist; a designer using traditional printing methods has opened up new possibilities in the interactive realm.

The aim was to break down preconceived ideas about disciplines and to encourage open-ended results and unexpected domains.

We designed this microsite to advertise, inform and facilitate dialogue.
It included a link to tweet questions prior to the lecture.

See more here: http://unexpectedterritories.gdnm.org

Brooks Butchers
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Brooks Butchers

Design for a new natural, free range
and organic butchers in London. Commissioned to design the identity, packaging and publicity material.
We also worked with a traditional
sign writer on the facade and printed postcards with vegetable ink on recycled paper creating a natural
and organic feel.



RCA Design Products & BASF
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RCA Design Products & BASF

Plastics is a project between
BASF and the RCA, Design Products, Platform 12, exploring the potential
of the plastic Ultradur® (Polybutylene terephtalate; PBT).

Students were asked to investigate design-oriented applications for Ultradur® after there visit to BASF Designfabrik in Ludwig-shafen where they learnt about the material and its properties and moulding capabilities.

In collaboration with Helen Eger,
we designed and art directed the photography for the following publication to showcase the
student’s final solutions.

The book took inspiration from
the large plastic bag containing the special plastic granules. The cover is glossy and the image is of the type on the plastic bag, which also became the title of publication.

The products were shot against a black background and the intro pages contain images of playful pattern making with the granules. We wanted the book to feel like the products were inside the bag as if you were opening it up.

Allyson Waller, Royal College of Art Product Design, BASF, AW Projects
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Otoro commissioned a logo design
for their bespoke chandelier and installation company.

Drawing from art deco references inspired by the client, many drawings were made which led to this final realisation referencing a hanging chandelier.

Culloden Battlefield & Memorial Centre
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Culloden Battlefield & Memorial Centre

In collaboration with exhibition design company Ralph Appelbaum Associates. We created the logo concept and design that won the pitch.

Culloden is a National Trust for Scotland battlefield and visitor centre where the Jacobites fought the English. The logo is derivative of the two battle lines the two sides stood on before
the fight. The colours were matched
to remnants of the uniform, red for English and blue for the Jacobites.

Royal Holloway University
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Royal Holloway University

Design and Illustration for the Information Security Group department annual newsletter. The illustrations attempt to move away from the usual cliché imagery linked with information security and bring to life the content in an engaging and imaginative way.

Theo Vanderzalm
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Theo Vanderzalm

The brief was to design a simple logo which developed out of a mutual
regard for the font 'Avenir'. It was adapted to be bespoke, by rounding
off the tops of some of the the letters.

David St John James
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David St John James

This website was designed
for David St John James.
Previous fashion editor at
AnOther Magazine and
AnOther Man and currently
works with PORT Magazine.

The site is a portfolio of his
work as a fashion stylist for
various magazines.

The Readers Before Us
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The Readers Before Us

Publication and Book launch.
Royal College of Art 2002

In collaboration with Sophie Beard we created this publication which is a list
of found ephemera between the pages of books inside the Royal College
of Art Library.

We started at the first book on the
first book shelf, dewey decimal system number 001 POP and flicked through every book up to book number 779.0924 NAC. Each item of ephemera found was catalogued by the book’s DDS number, title, author, publication details and page number.

During our search we discovered photographs, bus tickets, private letters, receipts, post it notes, and doodles (see examples to the right
of the library books open with the
item found).

Each item discovered was recorded with a short descriptive text.

A poster wraps each book featuring
the entire collection of the found items (sixth image down). Each book had a sticker on the spine with a hand stamped number.

Every item of found ephemera was punched with a hole serving visually
as a branding mark, evidence that it is part of this project and to be displayed on a large spike. The items were placed with the last item found at the bottom (see the first image).

All 300 books were displayed at the book launch on shelves next to the spike. A perspective buyer would purchase a book in numeric order.
For example the tenth person that would come along received book number ten and the tenth item that
was listed in the book from the spike. They then signed the back of a poster on a light box with the edition
number that they purchased.
We sold 256 books and gained an excellent collection of signatures.

Book No.01 went back into the library with the signed poster. It is hoped that this copy, available on open shelf general access will continue to collect its own set of post-its and book marks for a future generation of readers
after us.

The Readers Before Us The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books The Readers Before Us – Found stuff between the pages of library books
Self Promotional
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Self Promotional

Inspired by an information graphic
on my mother's sewing machine.
I created this studio moving card.

Studio Christmas card 2010 was
created using a drawing of a Father Christmas I found in Egypt outside
a hotel. During the process it was realised that it would make a great pencil top.